Serbia Justice Functional Review

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c. Quality of Administrative Services within the Courts

  1. According to the Multi-Stakeholder Justice Survey, court users assess the overall quality of administrative services to be average337 (see Figure 55). Court users from the general population and the business sector who had to complete some administrative task related to their court case were more satisfied with the quality of the administrative services than with quality of court work related to their case.
  1. A great majority of users of administrative services were satisfied with different aspects of court performance, such as court working hours, accessibility of information and staff, conduct of staff, and time spent waiting for one’s turn. Satisfaction increased on most aspects since 2009. Court users are least satisfied with the time spent waiting for their turn, but this too is improving. (See Figure 56 and Figure 57).
  1. The image of the conduct and competence of service providers is also improving. Most users of administrative services are satisfied with the knowledge, efficiency, and pleasantness of staff, and a higher percentage assess these characteristics as being at high or very high level than low level.