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Calendar Updated: October 4, 2011 | Feedback
News > Justice Minister: Corruption unacceptable in Serbia

Justice Minister: Corruption unacceptable in Serbia

Commenting on the arrests in the Kolubara case, the minister said that the authorities would not stop there and that their readiness to tackle corruption was not being called into question anymore.

“We did not make any promises without grounds and we are clearly showing it now,” Malović pointed out.

She claims that there is no politics in the work of the investigative bodies, adding that anyone who thinks that investigations into corruption cases have something to do with a political moment should ask themselves whether they are that way abolishing corruption, trying to obstruct justice and make the investigations look meaningless.

“Public companies belong to all Serbian citizens and those who take money from them are in fact robbing all of us,” the justice minister stressed.

Source: B92