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Calendar Updated: September 30, 2010 | Feedback
News > Council of Europe Recommends Increasing Efficiency

Council of Europe Recommends Increasing Efficiency

Experts from Council of Europe (CoE) recommended to representatives from Serbian judiciary to work faster, more efficient and more transparent in further reforms of justice sector with an objective to establish independent judiciary and rule of law, and highlighted that reform of judiciary is one of the most important issues in the process of accession to the European Union.

“CoE report does not contain criticism but is focused on short, medium and long term recommendations in light of results of implementation of National Strategy for Reform of Judiciary from 2006” – said Nadja Cuk, deputy chief of CoE office in Serbia, at the launch of the CoE report in hotel Hyatt in Belgrade. “It is necessary to increase efficiency, speed and transparency, whole process needs to be transparent and should create an environment for creation of the independent judiciary which will be able to manage its own budget” – said Cuk. According to her, it is necessary to further strengthen Jigh Judicial Council and State Prosecutorial Council, it is important that both councils establish rules for future appointment judges and prosecutors, that both councils establish disciplinary procedures and rules for judges dismissal from the office, to be able to manage budget for the judiciary – because judiciary needs to be independent. According to Ms. Cuk, all countries in transition faced reform of judiciary with number of challenges, and this delicate issue will be very important within negotiations with EU and accession process. Minister of justice, Ms. Snežana Malović, said that “EU values are our priority and attaining these values is our goal”.