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News > Constitutional Court Must Work Faster

Constitutional Court Must Work Faster

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The first analysis of the work of the courts has shown that Serbia wants to have a good and efficient judiciary, Justice Minister Snezana Malovic says. Problems have been identified, which is a good basis for correcting individual mistakes that inevitably happened in the course of such a complicated undertaking as the recent judiciary reform.

“The chaos that reigned in the judicial system for decades past, a judiciary that was incapable of keeping up with the fight against crime, clearly showed that a reform of the judiciary had been necessary,” Malovic stresses. She says that “the case brought on by non-reappointed judges and prosecutors before the Constitutional Court has been going on for too long already” and expects “this question to be resolved by the end of the year, bearing in mind that the president of the Constitutional Court has announced that the complaints by the non-appointed holders of public offices in the judiciary will have priority.” Asked whether there is a chance that any of the non-appointed judges and prosecutors might resume their offices, she replies that “a decision on this will be made by the Constitutional Court” and that she would not like to prejudge its ruling or in any way influence decisions of the highest court in the country.