Calendar Updated: May 14, 2024
MDTF Activities > Third Advanced Workshop on Digital Assets Organized in Novi Sad

Third Advanced Workshop on Digital Assets Organized in Novi Sad

On May 10, MDTF-JSS organized third advanced workshop on digital property for the public prosecutors from the Appellate region of Novi Sad. Approximately 20 public prosecutors from various levels of prosecutors’ offices attended the workshop, including those from basic, higher and appellate offices.

Unlike the previous round of workshops organized in 2023, this session adopted a more practical approach, allowing participants to engage with several case studies from jurisdictions with extensive experience in handling criminal cases involving digital property. This interactive format provided participants with valuable insights and practical knowledge gleaned from real-world scenarios.

The workshop aimed to deepen participants’ understanding of the complexities surrounding digital property and equip them with the necessary skills to effectively address challenges in prosecuting cases related to digital assets. By examining cases from other jurisdictions, prosecutors were able to broaden their perspective and enhance their ability to navigate the legal intricacies of digital property cases.