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MDTF Activities > The MDTF-JSS Supports the HJC in Promoting Ethical Standards

The MDTF-JSS Supports the HJC in Promoting Ethical Standards

The MDTF-JSS, in collaboration with the High Judicial Council (HJC), embarked on an initiative aimed at enhancing awareness and adherence to ethical standards within the judicial system of Serbia. Recognizing the importance of promoting integrity and ethical conduct among judges, the MDTF-JSS partnered with the HJC to develop educational materials and resources focused on judicial ethics.

As part of this initiative, the MDTF-JSS provided support to the HJC in the preparation of a booklet specifically dedicated to judicial ethics in Serbia. This booklet serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the ethical principles, standards, and best practices that judges are expected to uphold in the course of their duties. It covers a wide range of ethical considerations relevant to judicial conduct, including impartiality, integrity, independence, confidentiality, and respect for the rule of law.
The development of the booklet on judicial ethics represents a proactive effort to raise awareness among judges about the ethical responsibilities inherent in their role. By providing clear guidance and practical examples, the booklet equips judges with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate ethical dilemmas and make principled decisions in their daily work. Moreover, it serves as a valuable resource for judicial training and continuing education programs, ensuring that ethical considerations remain a focal point of professional development within the judiciary.
The collaboration between the MDTF-JSS and the HJC underscores their shared commitment to promoting ethical standards and upholding the integrity of the judicial system in Serbia. Through initiatives like the development of the booklet on judicial ethics, they contribute to fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and trust in the administration of justice. The summary of the guide is available in English here
Download: Judical Ethics in Serbia