Calendar Updated: June 10, 2024
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Mapping Human Capital Requirements for Council Administrative Excellence

To ensure informed decision-making by the High Judicial Council (HJC), the World Bank conducted a Human Resource Needs Assessment of the Council’s Administrative Office (AO). A robust methodology was applied to ensure the high quality of the analysis and the accuracy of the findings. This process included conducting interviews with judges, members of the HJC, and employees of the Administrative Office. In addition to the interviews, both normative and comparative analyses were utilized.

The assessment aimed to provide a thorough evaluation of the current state of the HJC's AO, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Furthermore, the assessment helped identify the appropriate number and profile of positions necessary in the AO to support its expanded functions.Recommendations were made for optimizing human resources to ensure the AO can effectively meet its operational demands.
The analysis will aid in the preparation of a draft Act on internal organization and systematization of working posts. The findings of the assessment will contribute to the development of the Annual Plan for the HJC and the Annual Plan for its AO. These plans will provide a roadmap for achieving the Council's strategic objectives and operational goals.
Download: The Human Resources Needs Assessment of the High Judicial Council