Calendar Updated: April 19, 2024
MDTF Activities > Advanced Workshop on Digital Assets for Public Prosecutors

Advanced Workshop on Digital Assets for Public Prosecutors

The advanced workshop organized by the MDTF-JSS on digital assets for public prosecutors in Belgrade appellate jurisdiction took place on April 16. This workshop built upon the foundation laid by a series of workshops held in 2023, which focused on familiarizing public prosecutors with the legislative framework on digital assets. The aim of the advanced workshop was to provide prosecutors with a deeper understanding of relevant topics related to digital assets, thereby enhancing their current skills and knowledge.

During the workshop, professors from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade offered insights into the Law on Digital Property and its implications for tax regulations and criminal law. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the legal nature and characteristics of various categories of digital property. Additionally, they engaged in case studies focused on criminal offenses stemming from violations of digital property rules and tax legislation.
Overall, the advanced workshop served as a platform for prosecutors to broaden their expertise and proficiency in handling case involving digital assets, equipping them with valuable insights and practical knowledge to address emerging legal challenges in this domain.