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Calendar Updated: February 9, 2018 | Feedback
MDTF Activities > Launch of the Follow Up Judicial Functional Review

Launch of the Follow Up Judicial Functional Review

On February 8th, the MDTF JSS team together with the representatives of the Supreme Court of Cassation, High Judicial Council, State Prosecutorial Council and the Ministry of Justice officially open process of the preparation of the follow up Judicial Functional Review in Serbia. The Launch was internal event for justice sector stakeholders to present methodology and ensure involvement of relevant institutions. The 2014 Judicial Functional Review represent baseline assessment of the justice sector performance and informed drafting of the Chapter 23 Action plan. The follow up Judicial Functional Review will measure progress achieved over four year period – 2014-2017.

The follow up Judicial Functional Review will apply same methodology of measuring progress in the three main areas: efficiency, quality and access to the justice. Justice sector performances will be assessed against available resources: human and financial resources, infrastructure and ICT.  The follow up Judicial Functional Review will focus on the courts and prosecutor offices. Main source of data are statistical data that already exist in the system and the new Stakeholders Perception Survey that will be conducted in parallel with the Judicial Functional Review. Whole presentation of the methodology is available here.
The MDTF JSS will continue with the good practice of engagement with all stakeholders on equal footing over the whole process: from data collection to analysis of data and identification of recommendations. Each institution will nominate focal point for the process of preparation of Functional review. Next event is planned for early March to discuss data set that institutions should provide to the Functional review expert team.
The MTDF JSS team will organize additional event for international partners by the end of February.