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MDTF Activities > How Entry Points Institution Protect Rights of the Victims

How Entry Points Institution Protect Rights of the Victims

The MDTF-JSS continue to provide support to Serbian authorities to establish the comprehensive victim support system. To ensure informed decision making the MDTF-JSS partner with relevant organizations, including the Center for European Constitutional Law (CECL) that on the EU level and for the needs of European Commissioned examined different practices of the entry point institutions in EU member states on methods for the identification, needs assessment and referral of victims.

To identify practices of entry point institutions – law enforcement, health and welfare and victim support organizations, the MDTF-JSS in partnership with CECL conducted empirical research and on October 8, 2018 organized workshop to validate findings and refine recommendations. The workshop enable discussion with key stakeholders from the victim support system.

The workshop was attended by 16 stakeholders representing distinct institutions (high prosecution office, courts, welfare services, NGOs) from the main “entry points” to the criminal justice system, namely law enforcement, health and welfare and victim support services. Participants in the workshop stressed the need for common indicators for the identification of victims, the need for legal reform, the need for enhanced coordination between all competent actors, the need for sustainability of the protection structures which are already in place, the need for practical, bottom-up problem-based training of officials involved in victim support and the need for streamlining institutional practice through exchange and networking.

The MDTF JSS experts highlighted the importance of building on promising practices identified in the victims support service in Serbia such as the specialized services for information to victims established within the Prosecution, the coordination groups bringing together different professionals and the victim established according to the Law on Domestic Violence and the interactive map of the victim support system, among others.

The MDTF JSS will finalize report and presented to the relevant stakeholders and to the members of the working groups for drafting Victim Support Strategy to ensure informed decision making