Calendar Updated: February 24, 2011
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6th meeting of the Partners Forum

Ministry of Justice, with support of MDTF-JSS, organized the 6th Partners Forum on February 24, 2011. The meeting took place in the Judicial Academy and was attended by large number of justice reform partners and international agencies.

The Meeting was co-chaired by representatives of the Ministry of Justice , Mr. Slobodan Boskovic,  Assistant Minister responsible for EU Integration and International Projects, Mr. Dejan Pasic, Assistant Minister In charge of Information Technology, and Mr. Jens Kristensen, MDTF-JSS Task Team Leader.

In 2009 Ministry of Justice designed and procured automated case management software (AVP) which was introduced in courts of general jurisdiction (basic and higher courts) in 2010. The MDTF-JSS supported roll-out of AVP by funding training of court staff on how to utilize this new software. The AVP is operational in all 36 Basic courts and 24 Higher courts in Republic of Serbia.

Assistant Minister Pasic presented the key features of AVP and highlighted benefits of having this type of software in Serbian courts.  His associate, Mr. Dimitrije Sujeranovic, presented recently launched presentation of Serbian courts and web-portal where all parties can check the status of their case at any time ( Ministry of Justice believes that this is an important step in bringing justice closer to Serbian public.

Presentation delivered by Mr. Sujeranovic is available on the following link.