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MDTF Activities > Where Victims Could Find Support Services in Serbia

Where Victims Could Find Support Services in Serbia

To ensure sustainability of efforts and findings from the analytic work on the establishment of a victim support system in Serbia, the MTDF JSS has established a partnership with Serbian victim support organization, the Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS). EU acquis call Serbian authorities to facilitate referral of victims to victim support service. Having in mind that in Serbia there is no single organization who provides direct support to all victims of crime throughout Serbia, the MDTF JSS in partnership with VDS developed Guide through Victim Support Services in Serbia.

Guide aims to inform service providers and practitioners as well as victims about existing services for victims in Serbia and to promote use of Interactive map on victims services  The Guide provides information on existing victims’ services in Serbia, available forms of assistance and support provided by each specific service, contact information and information on working hours.

The printed version of the Guide will be distributed through representatives of the state institutions and civil society organizations. The VDS will organize six meetings with victim support organizations throughout Serbia (in Vojvodina, Belgrade, Central Serbia, West Serbia, East Serbia, and South Serbia). The participants from victim support organization will further disseminate the Guide in their local communities to the end-users (victims and other relevant service providers). Additionally, materials and information relevant for the use of the materials by the end-users will be disseminated through relevant ministries.

Beside printed version of the materials, electronic version of the Guide is available on the VDS’s web site and the website The Guide will be promoted through social media.
Guide through Victim Support Services in Serbia - Download