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MDTF Activities > Animated Video as a Tool for Improving of Access to Justice

Animated Video as a Tool for Improving of Access to Justice

We live in the age of information where knowledge and information represents essential capital of an individual. Deprived of information and knowledge, an individual is deprived of the possibility of realization of his basic and fundamental needs. Although with internet all information became available and free the basic problem is choosing adequate means and methods of information usage, as also how to choose the right information in the whole spectre of information.

When we put this story in the context of access to justice in Serbia, we come to the need for a comprehensive system of information on the exercise of rights before a court, which in particular refer to citizens who do not have enough resources and funds to pay for professional services in that area.

The MDTF JSS in partnership with YUCOM prepared whole set of tools to help citizens in gaining legal literacy and knowledge, so they can exercise their own rights in courts and in legal proceedings. The tools represent a synthesis of rules, written in a lay language adjusted to non-lawyers and citizens without legal experience and knowledge.

An animated movie was selected as an effective instrument for the promotion of Self-Representing Guide, which would give information on its content and the way citizens can use it through illustrations. In an illustrative way, the short animated movie attempts to show specific questions that citizens face with when choosing a court, the costs of the proceedings, the dress code and the overall behaviour in the court itself. The video is trying to interest the broader audience in order to take the time and listen to the benefits they can gain from reading and getting acquainted with the Guide.

The animated movie will be presented to the public through a media campaign.